Monday, September 24, 2012


Chapter 1 Excerpts

Excerpt 1

Detective Collier noticed there was quite a bit of activity at the sheriff’s office as he walked from the parking lot through the glass doors into the building. There were people bustling around, whispering in corners, and talking under their breath. They were all noticeably excited. He walked through the front entrance doors and asked the first person he recognized, Officer Shelley, what the situation was. He tried to avoid being distracted by the echoes of footsteps and voices that reverberated down the white tile and cinderblock hallway.

Excerpt 2

Shelley gave her a few minutes to compose herself again before continuing. “Mrs. Colson, what does your husband do for a living?

“He manages a small construction company.”

“Was he in the military or the police before?”

Chapter 3 Excerpt

Meanwhile, back in the interrogation room, Brandon found his mind sleepily wandering to people and places he had known long ago. As he sat there in his blood-soaked clothes, he noticed that his bare feet were getting cold from the tile floor. As he pondered the night’s events, he couldn’t have had a more satisfied feeling, an overall sense of contentment.

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